Serving Central Illinois as an affordable,

trained, and experienced computer

professional since 1995.† Based out of Morton

Illinois, and servicing clients in Tazewell, and†

surrounding counties.


 Consult Before You Buy a Computer/Laptop

††††††† Knowing what you need, before you purchase a computer can save you money, insure you get the options you need, while not paying for extra options you may never even use.

 System Upgrades

††††††† Looking to add capacity to your existing system?† The PC Doctor can help you boost your resources.

 Virus/Malware Removal and Prevention

††††††† Let The PC Doctor remove that nasty virus, or malware, regain control of your computer, and show you how to keep it clean, secure, and running smooth.

 System Cleanup and Optimization

††††††† The PC Doctor can clean up systems to gain up to 30% more speed.† Removing unused pre-installed or bundled trials, toolbars, updaters, outdated or expired software will put some spring in your systemís step!

 Data Recovery

††††††† It is sometimes possible to recover pictures, video, music, documents, and more, from a crashed system, thumb drive, or USB drive.† The PC Doctor can check your options for possible recovery.

 Networking/Wireless and Security

††††††† Have more than one computer?† Would you like to share drives, media, or printers?† The PC Doctor can connect almost any network ready device, and set up secured, shared, network resources.† This includes, but not limited to routers, wireless, media servers, game consoles, iPads, smart phones, and much more.

 Software/Application Install and Support

††††††† The PC Doctor can assist with installation, configuration, and use of most common office, tax, and bookkeeping applications, including many more†† utilities, and apps.

 Small office, Home office

††††††† The PC Doctor is an experienced network administrator, able to manage your small office, and home office systems, including servers, router/firewall, workstations, wired, wireless, and communications infrastructure.

Put over 17 years of computer experience to work for you.† Contact The PC Doctor and schedule a free phone consultation to see how we can assist you.








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